Lauren & Ben || engagement shoot ||

Our aim as photographers is not simply to get a handful of good photos... we want to capture you as naturally as possible. A camera in your face can be a pretty startling thing to have to put up with for an hour. For us, the first step is to get comfortable with our couples - that is, comfortable with US. Unless this happens, a photo shoot is going to be hard work, and, a bit weird. Our bodies rarely hide what we feel. If you feel awkward, chances are you look awkward too. So that's step one!

Before we took a single photo of Lauren & Ben, we had a few drinks, laughed a bunch, and basically became friends :)

The result - real, raw, honest emotion. 
also if you do this, and if you're really lucky, a rainbow will appear. *spoiler alert*



Chelsea & Shawn - an Icelandic elopement

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine going to Iceland one day for work. 
Pilots Chelsea and Shawn told The Elopement Collective they could go anywhere, so it happened - with no convincing necessary, we took off to Iceland with Roost Film Co. 
The plane crash site seemed like the right fit. It was very cool. 

Big thanks to the legends at Hello May who have just featured this sweet elopement over on their blog.

FEATURED // White Magazine issue 32

when you work heart and pour it all into what you do its so humbling to have that recognised. 
so honoured to be interviewed by
White Magazine and share the heart behind all we do for any who may read it... 

flick to page 48 of issue 32 and you'll also find more over on their blog >