Light trumps Location.

There is a reason photographers beat on about light. When it comes down to it, if you weigh light against location, light wins every time. Make no mistake, a good location is key - we LOVE where our work takes us and the landscapes we get to snap up - yet the most important ingredient is ALWAYS light. You know when that friend of yours buys those a-grade cuts of meat, cooks them til they are black and you sort of die inside? It is the same injustice shooting a couple in an epic location in bad light. Even the best bits of meat need some tender loving care.

We like to shoot in the last hour of sunlight, as well as the next 15-20 minutes of dusk. This is generally when the light is best. There are occasions when it may be earlier, for instance if you choose a location in a valley that has high mountains between you and the horizon the light will disappear much earlier... these are things worth considering. 
Sometimes, (particularly in summer), you simply can not hold off your reception til 8pm, so it may mean sneaking out of your reception for 20 minutes to snap up those last-light shots. We never like pulling our couples away from their guests for long, but we can honestly say not a single couple has have ever regretted it.

We often get asked how many locations you need for your photoshoot. You only need one. This does not mean you can not have more - of course you can, but it makes no sense to be driving in a car during the best light available. So if you like the idea of more than one location, make sure you will not be driving too much in 'the golden hour'. 

Magic happens when your photographer uses good light. Wedding photography is an investment, so make sure you get the very best out of what you are paying for. 
So when it comes to planning times for your photos on your wedding day, seriously, ask your photographer.

Wedding hack - pick an ace location and stick yourselves there in the best light.