Getting Ready

Those few hours you have before your ceremony can be some of the sweetest moments of your wedding day. They can also be the most stressful. We have found that the biggest cause of unrest in this part of the day is almost always down to TIME. 

We certainly are not unique when we say that your wedding day will literally fly by. Before you know it you only have your photos (and maybe video), along with a string of memories that for now are fresh in your head, to remember the day by. So it is definitely in your best interest to make sure you do what you can to reduce the likelihood of stress so that you can enjoy your wedding day as much as possible. 

Making sure you are not putting any more pressure on yourself means you are able to take in all the good feels that come with your wedding. It sounds so basic, and in reality it really is, but we do this enough to see that many couples actually get this wrong. The getting-ready can easily blur into a stressful mess, often not allowing any time for a bride to just be in her wedding dress. It is about making space to enjoy each part of the day for what it is.

So when it comes to organising hair and make-up, what time the dress should come off the coat-hanger, etc, it is so worthwhile to ask your photographer - find out what time your photographer believes you should be finishing hair and make-up, and run with that. No matter how good the planning, more times than not we find ourselves on the back-end of time, which is even more reason to allow a little space for error. We LOVE to capture the day as organically as possible and like to avoid staging moments that would have happened naturally with some better time management. 

The result is two-fold: 
- you can actually enjoy your day, all the emotions, the pampering, your friends/ family
- your photographs will be that much better - make room for your photographer to capture things naturally AND allow space to create some magic.

It is 100% in your best interest. 
Give yourself the gift of time on your wedding day.