When we got engaged people told me the most important thing to find that’s quality and not to skimp on is the photography.  I searched and searched for the best I could find. And came across Heart and Colour. I knew right away from the photos and work they had done in so many amazing places that they were the photographers for us. 

Every communication we had with them, every meeting and everything they did for us really exemplified their quality and joy for their work along the way. 

Bek and Phil are genuinely lovely people who drive a wonderful business that they have love in running. 

The whole day of the wedding, Phil made us both so comfortable and gave options for us to try things to make our pics look wonderful. I would say they went above and beyond and really cared about the day and us, in order to deliver the very best memories captured that they could. 

I couldn’t be happier with it all, and I’m a little sad that the day is over and we won’t have them to work with. If you’re looking for kind, genuine people that have a real heart and care for their business and your special day - Phil and Bek are it. 

Rose and Cameron - Magnetic Island

Anthony and I really wanted to thank you , Phil and Aaron from the bottom of our hearts . Bek you had been amazing from the start - dealing with you was just bliss and you were always so helpful and quick to respond to all my questions . 

Phil and Aaron We don’t think there are two bigger legends then them ! To have them shoot our day was amazing - from the beginning We felt like we had known them for years :p . All our guests and bridal party loved them too - I had lots of people comment on how awesome they were . 

We had so much fun with them during the day and  at night - to see them enjoying themselves too I think  was really important for Anthony and I because I think that will shine through in their photography and video . I wish we could do it all over again with them .

Please know if any of you are ever in Sydney our doors are always open to you all . I also recommended you guys to dear friends of ours Rachel and Richard - so it’s good to know we will hopefully see the boys again in Sydney at their wedding :)   

Please pass on the message to the boys - it was an honour to have them on our big day - we wouldn’t have wanted any one else other than heart and colour. God bless you guys .

Lots of love 

Amarissa and Anthony - Sydney






you guys have captured everything perfectly - I am so taken away with how beautiful these are.

Amy & Jordy - Gold Coast

We want to thank you for all the work, time, and sincerity you put into our wedding photographs. From our first appointment up until we received the photos, you made us laugh and feel very special. We can't begin to tell you about all the compliments we’ve gotten on the wedding and engagement pictures. We are so pleased with them-it’s hard to choose a favourite! When we look through the photos, they will take us back to that special moment! You did an outstanding job and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Again, we thank you for everything you’ve done and the beauty you created.

Mitch and Simone - Brisbane

Chris and I have spoken and we can not put into words how much having Heart & Colour as our photographers made our wedding day that extra bit special! Phil and Aaron were amazing and we think of you all as friends now. Everyone at our wedding even people who are single want you to photograph their weddings haha
We definitely value what you guys do and love of the photos!!! 
Much love

Alicia & Chris - Uluwatu

omg i can't believe the awaited day is here to view our photos! can i just say what an exciting time it was for Mick and I to go through them all... we made a cup of tea, looked through them all and relived the best day of our lives!!! 
what stunning shots... it is a weird feeling looking over photos of yourself, thinking oh do i look good here lol, there will never be a time in my life when i am photographed so much and am actually happy with the result! i am genuinely excited to frame my favourites and look at them forever with my husband. even the candid photos of friends and family are incredible! there is photo of my dad, uncle and godfather that is honestly one of my favourite shots, it's priceless, they look so happy and are very rarely in the same room. to get a photo that captures them laughing with their arms around each other bought a tear to my eye. 
my wow! i was not expecting to receive a package like this, i was ready for the USB and that was all! what an absolute delight, the most amazing box to open up!! the photos look incredible printed out, so nice to pick them up and really see them in there printed form!! so many smiles and happy faces right now. it is this level of beautiful fine detail that make heart and colour so amazing, and why i am so happy mick and i had you there on our wedding day. you are troy in a calibre of your own... this whole experience with you has been so great. i want to get married again to do it all over because it was so much fun!
mick and i are OVER THE MOON!!!! our wedding story has been captured beautifully... thank you sooooooo much. xxxx

Annika & Mick - Byron Bay

Dear Bek, and Phil, What can I say.... we are both absolutely speechless. Our wedding photos are simply beautiful. We could have not have asked for anything more, they are just mind blowingly brilliant. Thank you all for capturing our day in such a beautifully simple and delicate way. We knew it was something special on the day but seeing it all laid out in front of us just took our breath away. It was such an amazing pleasure to work with you all, we have never met nicer more genuine people before and it was such an amazing experience to work with people who truly love what they do, which is evident in the photos you produce. You made not only us but our bridal party and guests feel absolutely at ease with you and you have captured the most special moments because of it. Thank you all so very much we could not be happier with what you have done for us. 
Once again thank you all so much, it as been an absolute pleasure to work with you from start to finish and we hope our paths cross again soon.

Dave & Ali - Brisbane

I checked my emails at like 7pm and we have been looking at them ever since... We also almost burnt the "welcome home" lasagne that our friends made us! 
You guys are incredible there are so many beautiful photos and the more we look through them, the more we fall in love with them. We cannot thank you enough for capturing all the precious moments of our wedding day, and even finding the ones that were happening when we weren't even looking! You have told our wedding story exactly how it felt to us, magical! And as we look through them tonight as we spend our first night back from our honeymoon, in our home together is just amazing! It is so great to re live every moment.. 

You Guys are seriously so amazing, I feel like we have gained so much more than just photos with you. 

Thank you so much for your friendship, your time, your energy, your patience, your hearts and your talent. You both have definitely been blessed with such a beautiful talent and gift and I'm so glad you get to bless others with it.. 
Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! We love you guys and are beyond exatactic that you we were lucky enough to have you as our photographers!!

Emily & Lloyd - Blue Mountains

Thank you soo much! the photos are absolutely AMAZING. I can't wait to go through them tonight with Adam! I have so many favourites also!!!!! It was the best day (I know all brides must say that! but we did have a blast) and was so much fun taking the photos with Phil too. He made us super relaxed and comfortable.

I just LOVE the style of your photography and I have had so many comments so far on the 'realness' of the shots rather than being super posed. Thank YOU guys so much for being our photographers and capturing our special day so beautifully. We are truly blessed that we found such wonderful people to help with our wedding. It was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing!

Jess & Adam - Whitsundays

OH MY GOODNESS WE ARE IN LOVE!!!! Ah thank you soo much you guys! Could not have asked for anything better!  Amazing amazing AMAZING! We love youuu! Everything you guys do is so beautiful! I'm just gonna keep saying it.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! For everything!  It has been such a joy and such a blessing having you there for us for our wedding day and you are the loveliest people we couldn't have asked for Any better!

Shannon & Jordan - Gold Coast

Bek and Phil,
we are sitting in our hotel room on the last night of our honeymoon and have just spent the past hour looking back at our wedding day. 
honestly, we are speechless. the beauty of the pictures is flawless anew e just kept saying 'oh my goodness i LOVE that one"... about every photo!!!!!
they are incredible - beyond anything we expected and the heart and colour you have put into our day fills us with so much love and gratitude for you both to have come into our lives. 

Amy & Lach - Melbourne

dear bek and phil. we can't begin to thank you both for all you did to capture our wedding day. you went above and beyond all our expectations and captured every moment so beautifully. you have truly found the thing that God created you both to do, that much is obvious! you both made the day so much fun and relaxed. we can now relive the day anytime we want because of the wonderful work you did. thank you so much! we will now need to have some other major event for you to photograph just so we can catch up because you guys are so much fun! all our love. [Bentley & Ben]

bek & phil. well what do we say... no words really... 
I've had the cold sweats, i've had the hot sweats (with excitement of course!!!!) Seriously, i was like 'oh thats my favourite' and then the next photo i'd say 'oh no thats my favourite' etc etc.. it just kept getting better & better!!!
thank you sooooo much for capturing our day EXACTLY how we would have wanted it. Unbelievable. 
like actually unbelievable!
we loved having you with us on our day, it was made all the more special because you were both with us and we are so grateful to have met you both.
thank you both so much again. its absolute love!!

Laura & Oli - Melbourne

Phil & Bek. Wow. what can we say! the photos you have captured from our day are out of this world. they are perfect beyond words. we couldn't be happier with them! 
you are both such talented kind souls, we are so stoked we chose you to document our special day. you have both been such delights to worth with, in the lead up to the wedding, on the day and after. You got our photos to us so much earlier than planned which is just the best! thank you both again from the bottom of our hearts.

Bridgie & Matt - Sunshine Coast

Hi Bek & Phil, oh my goodness, thank you so much for capturing our wedding story and getting the photos to us so quickly!! we were so excited to sit down & relive the amazing day. the photos are beautiful & perfectly capture how happy we were and how much fun we had! 
thank you both so much, we love them!!!

Michelle & Erin - Palm Cove

Hello,I have been trying to find the words to express how thankful we are for the beautiful work you have done. The photos are absolutely incredible. We looked through them with smiles and tears (of joy). We are hosting a 'photo viewing night' tonight with all the family. I honestly cannot choose my favourite. There are so many. A special thank you to Phil for your professionalism and kindness on the biggest day of our lives. We couldn't have asked for a better person to be our photographer. You guys have been an absolute pleasure to deal with from start until finish and we wish you all the best with your business (and your little one on the way).

Rebecca & Nick - Sydney