Engagement Shoots

Its always a good thing to have good photos, so engagement shoots are never a bad idea. One of the secondary benefits of these shoots is that it gives us more opportunity to get to know our couples, and really break down any of those uncomfortable-awkward feels about getting your photo taken. Lets face it, there aren’t many of us that find anything natural when getting our photo taken. Even the best grammers aren’t use to letting someone else take their snaps. 

Here’s a few tips and approaches we like to take for our engagement shoots:

Location - you don’t have to worry about bridal parties or guests, so it means you can really get snapped up wherever you want. Climb a mountain, walk through a forest, its all doable, and totally worth it. There may be a location that is a special place for you as a couple, which is always cool. But it doesn't have to be. If you can, go epic. 

Time - we always shoot these sessions around dusk - its the most PERFECT time of day! Because of this it is important that we're prompt with timing as we photograph with natural light. The last hour of light and the next 15minutes or so after the sun has set is delicious.

Style - We like to approach engagement shoots with a bit of purpose. You don’t have to dress right up, but seriously a little bit of style goes a long way. Avoid both wearing heavy/ clashing patterns, and never be too matchy matchy, like wearing blue jeans and white tees - we already know you’re a couple and so do your friends and family. Wear something complimentary and just be you. Some of our couples have used their engagement shoot to do their make up / hair trial, which is a cool idea. 

If you would like to chat about a shoot for yourself, drop us a line.