We want natural shots.

Is it weird that even the term ‘wedding photography’ can ooze a stigma of cringe and tackiness? Probably not if an image of a drop-kiss under a tree springs to mind. Most couples will mention at some point they don’t want posed shots. Awesome, neither do we. But unless you represent the 0.01% of us that feel ‘natural’ with a camera in your face, it isn't simply just a matter of not posing.

We pride ourselves on capturing honest, natural and emotive images.
This is our approach…

Straight up, we aren’t weird people - which definitely helps if we are going to hang out with you on your wedding day, let alone take pictures of you. We like to get to know our couples, so when we are making moves with you on the dance floor, it isn't weird. 

The first thing a photographer works with, wedding or not, is light - that’s what you are paying your photographer to be able to use after all. So even those ‘natural’ shots you have in mind, do not just happen without any prodding. Light and framing you with your surroundings is huge, so you need to be able to rely on us to work it with you. 

So do we pose? Well no, but we do direct. What we mean by direct is that we use the best light available, walk you in to spots that we can work, and then give some easy direction. It may be as simple as getting you to walk together, or simple suggestions like asking him to put his hand in his pockets. Whatever it might be, it is to give you something to do and stop you from thinking, ‘what do I usually do with my hands?’ Basically we want you relaxed, comfortable, and to make it less-confrontational having a camera pointed at you for a day. 

Every couple is different, and sometimes only little direction is needed. But when it is, we got your back - and front - and side - basically we got you every angle.